Hey traveler!

My name is Chiara and until now I had no idea how difficult it was to write something about myself. But I’ll try… 

Born during a Roman spring of ’94 I haven’t stopped since that day. I grew up in Rome and moved to Madrid my hometown for 4 years, where I graduated in Computational linguistics and I ended my university career with a Master in Data science

However, I have to say that…my main characteristic is that I’ve been a travel enthusiat since I can remember.

On this blog you will find lots of tips and information that come from my greatest passion, travelling. 

Travelling is what makes me feel alive, what makes me happy.

about me
chi sono

I think about travelling with the meaning of living fully, accepting others and getting out of one’s comfort zone.
To me, being a traveller means going to a place and really exploring it, internalizing it, not just going there and then saying you’ve been there.ย 

Either a one-day adventure or a long distance travel, mine has always been a “YES” since I was a kid. I’ve been lucky enough to visit wonderful places starting from my beloved Italy, and then cross Europe,ย Asia, America and Africa.

I love exploring, discover new cultures and learning from local people what the secrets of their land are, immersing myself completely in customs and of course in food!

I'm a traveler and by traveling I've allowed the world to shape me IN THE BEST PERSON THAT I CAN BE.


The Curious Mufambi is born on a warm sunny afternoon during a pandemic. It was born as a second attempt at an idea that had already touched my mind in 2017.

I told myself: “Why not create a travel diary that people can consult once they can go back on the road and that can also be for me a collection of adventures I have lived?”

And so, collecting old photos, retracing the miles made and finding some emotions put in the drawer, The Curiuos Mufambi was born. I was looking for a name that represented me, that was different and that made you ask “what does it mean?” …A bit like all the things I’ve done in my life.

The Curious Mufambi means "the curious traveler"

The adjective curious characterizes me because it is the first word I use when someone asks me to describe myself. Mufambi means traveler in shona bantu language of southern Africa. If you are a curious traveller I hope you will find in this blog interesting information to organize your next adventures!

And now I just have to wish you: GOOD READING!

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