Parco cinque sensi: un'esperienza unica
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Parco cinque sensi: a unique experience

The Parco cinque sensi is a wonderful structure surrounded by greenery at the gates of Vitorchiano, a medieval village in the province of Viterbo. As the name evokes is one of those places that immerse you in nature with all 5 senses. Suitable for both adults and children it offers several unique activities to try. Parco cinque sensi: a unique experience.

I spent a weekend at the park and I tell you about the wonderful activities that I was lucky enough to do. For any information do not hesitate to visit the website of the park

Parco cinque sensi: un'esperienza unica
Parco cinque sensi: un'esperienza unica
My day at the park: the activities
1. Bread and Stick: you have the possibility to make the handmade bread and then bake it on the embers by rolling it over a bamboo cane. At the end of cooking, of course, you have to eat it!

2. Barefoot walk: A walk of 700 meters that takes about an hour. The peculiarity is that it should be done barefoot and you will have the opportunity to walk on many different materials immersed in nature. Cost of the two activities (8 euro per person)

3. Suspended tent: I chose to rent a suspended tent about 2 meters above the ground to spend the night. A truly unique experience. (tent for 2 people 70 euro)

4. Barbacue under the stars ( rent 20 euros)

Obviously these are the activities that I have chosen to do but there are many others. Also the choice of tent for overnight stay is varied, both for the type of tent and for the price, so I suggest you to visit the site for more information.
Parco cinque sensi
Parco cinque sensi: un'esperienza unica
The staff is very kind and always available and this has made our stay even more pleasant. In addition, the park has the availability of a private parking where you can leave your car.

Of course, being in the middle of nature my advice is to bring an insect spray and certainly a charger brought because there is no possibility to use electricity.
Parco cinque sensi: un'esperienza unica
Also, do not forget to visit the medieval village of Vitorchiano which is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and is also called “the suspended village”. A particularity worth visiting is the statue Moai. The only statue in the world that is located outside Easter Island.
Parco cinque sensi: un'esperienza unica
These are the activities that I decided to do during my experience at the park but there are many other things to do and see so I invite you to visit the web page! I came at the end of this article where I tell you about some activities that you can do when you go to visit the parco cinque sensi: a unique experience.

I hope you have found the right information to organize a perfect visit.

In case there are specific questions please do not hesitate to Contact me. I will be happy to help you!

See you soon from your curious traveller

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