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If you are passionate about nature and breathtaking landscapes, a horseback ride on the Gran Sasso is for you! An engaging experience for all ages that does not require special skills but only a great desire to be in the middle of greenery and in contact with the local fauna. Let me tell you something…RIDING ON GRAN SASSO: WHERE AND HOW

The Gran Sasso National Park has a 320 km long horse trail, the longest in the whole country and extends along 3 different provinces: L’Aquila, Pescara and Teramo. They are equipped trails for a safe and suitable experience for everyone. We find 9 different equipped rest areas, 2 mountain huts and 8 huts for stopping and sheltering horses. All routes are signposted both for naturalistic emergencies and to highlight the historical-architectural places along the way.

If you want to take a look at the horse trail map CLICK HERE
A cavallo sul gran sasso: dove e come
My experience on horseback has been very intense. At first I was afraid I couldn’t control the situation but once I explained that horses are trained for these rides I calmed down. The route I chose is the one from Assergi to Campotosto and I can say that it is really worth it. You are immersed in nature at 360 ยฐ, you are in full contact with the animal which is able to capture your emotions and adjust the pace according to your needs. I felt a strong empathy.
A cavallo sul gran sasso: dove e come


There are several routes to choose from according to distance, travel time and altitude difference. If it should be your first time on horseback, my advice is to choose a short route with little difference in altitude. To book an experience of this kind you must contact one of the equestrian centers of the place which will inform you about the price and the necessary to carry out the activity.
For the list of equestrian centers CLICK HERE .

Tappaยฐ1 From Prati di Tivo to Rigopiano

(travel time: 7 hours Length: 35 km ) More details

Tappaยฐ2 From Rigopiano to Capestrano

(travel time: 7 hours Length: 45 km ) More details

Tappaยฐ3 From Capestrano to Assergi

(travel time: 6 hours Length: 56 km ) More details

Tappaยฐ4 From Assergi to Campotosto

(travel time: 7 hours Length: 60 km ) More details

Tappaยฐ5 From Campotosto to Prati di Tivo

(travel time: 8 hours Length: 41 km ) More details

Tappaยฐ6 From Campotosto to Cortino

(travel time: 6 hours Length: 31 km ) More details

Tappaยฐ7 Water and Wolf Itinerary

(travel time: 8 hours Length: 79.1 km ) More details

a cavallo sul Gran Sasso: dove e come
I arrived at the end of this article in which I explain how to get a horseback ride on the Gran Sasso.

I hope you have found the right information to organize a perfect visit.

See you soon from your curious traveller Chiara.

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