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This is the story of how a quiet day by the sea on the island of Lefkada turns into a paragliding trip to Greece: unexpectedly fantastic.

It was a quiet sunny day at the end of July when around 5 p.m. I started to notice many coloured stripes fluttering in the sky. They were people who were paragliding on the sea. Curious, I started asking for information as I walked around the beach and they directed me to a gazebo with some guys waiting.

These guys were waiting to help people land post-flight with paragliders. I decided to ask for information and…I got launched!

Parapendio in Grecia: esperienza indimenticabile
I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I decided to do it. Honestly I had never thought of having such an experience and I jumped, in every sense! I didn’t know if it was really the heat of the moment, but I didn’t think I was scared at all until it was time to launch. Sona climbed on a jeep that took me to the top of a mountain where the beautiful Fly Me Bar of the island of Lefkada and launch point for paragliders. I was trained, harnessed and… LAUNCHED!

Parapendio in Grecia: esperienza indimenticabile


First of all, the paragliding flight is carried out with an experienced instructor who will guide you both during the preparation of the harness required for the flight and during the launch preparation phase. you will never be alone!

You will be explained in detail when and how you will have to face both the chase to take speed and the behaviour to adopt during the flight phase. There is no need for prior preparation or special skills, just common sense!

We recommend comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes (better if trekking or mountain) and something to protect yourself from the sun if you are particularly sensitive. From my personal experience, I also recommend not to eat a lot before the launch. I had some nausea!

For the rest the most important thing is to stay calm, trust your instructor and enjoy the view! For example, I spent the first 10 minutes with my mouth open!ย Paragliding in Greece: unexpectedly fantastic!

USEFUL INFO: Paragliding on the island of Lefkada

Price: 60 Euro per person (including transport to the launch point, equipment, instructor and launch itself)

Flight time: between 12 2 and 20 minutes

Altitude: 600 m

Launch point: Fly Me Lefkada Bar

Arrival Point: Kathisma Beach

Period indicated:: Between March and November

Experience: not required

Extra: Flight video and photography included

For more information visit:

I came to the end of this article where I explain how to organize a paragliding experience.

I hope you have found the right information to organize it without any problems.

See you soon from your curious traveller Chiara.

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