Bucarest tra incanto e pregiudizio
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Bucharest between enchantment and prejudice

Bucharest between enchantment and prejudice. This is the first title that came to my mind for this article. Why? It took me a few years before I decided to visit it. All this was due to the conflicting opinions of the people who had already been there and also a little bit to the very unattractive photos I had seen of the city.

Obviously, once I got there, I immediately changed my mind, and I have to say that it was one of the funniest trips of the last year. Between good food and a fantastic nightlife I have to say that if I had known I would have gone there sooner.
Bucarest tra incanto e pregiudizio
I visited Bucharest in December, and I must say it was quite cold but not so cold that I couldn’t stay outside. I found it a very particular city because there were many different buildings, some of them beautiful and well-kept historians, others that seemed to have just been bombed. This is the thing that gives the city a halo of mystery.
Surely it is not one of those super developed cities but also for this reason it preserves its beauty, it seems to go back in time. In spite of this everything works perfectly.
Bucarest tra incanto e pregiudizio
Bucarest tra incanto e pregiudizio
I won’t make a list of things to see but I will just tell you which are the things you absolutely cannot miss and which are the local delicacies you absolutely must try.ย  Bucharest between enchantment and prejudice.

Among the monuments that you absolutely cannot miss there are:

1. The Parliament Building or Poporului House

Address: Izvor Road 2-4;

Opening hours: every day from March to October 9-17

Ticket price: 40 lei per person (โ‚ฌ 8,40) + access to the underground 45 lei per person (about โ‚ฌ10).
2. The village museum or Muzuel National at the Satului “Dimitrie Gusti”

Address: Kiseleff Road n. 30

Opening hours: Monday 9-17 and Tuesday-Sunday from 9-19

Ticket cost: 15 lei (about โ‚ฌ3.15).
3. National Museum of the History of Romania

Address: Calea Victoriei 12

Opening hours: Monday – Tuesday closed. From Wednesday to Sunday open from 10-18

Cost of ticket: 10 Lei (about 2,10 euro) per person
4. Patriarchal Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helen

Address: Dealul Mitropoliei Street

Opening hours: from 7-20

Ticket cost: free
5. Royal Palace and National Art Museum

Address: Calea Victoriei 49-53

Opening hours: closed on Mondays. Wednesday-Sunday from 10-18

Ticket cost: Combined ticket National Museum of Romania 30 lei (about 6,30 euro). Historical spaces (Royal Dormitory, Throne Hall and Voievozilor Scale): 20 lei (about 4,20 euros).
Bucarest tra incanto e pregiudizio
Traditional Romanian food has been influenced over the centuries by Turkish, Hungarian, Greek, Serbian, Russian, Polish, French and Italian cuisine, but innovations, local ingredients, orthodox religious customs, preference for pork and other specific conditions make it unique.

As for the food not to be missed:

1. Ciorba: “Ciorba” in Romanian usually refers to sour soups with vegetables and some form of meat. They are made sour with the addition of lemon juice, “bors”, which is fermented wheat bran, sauerkraut juice, or sometimes even vinegar. “Ciorba de perisoare” basically means meatball soup.

2. Sarmale: Kale stuffed with a balanced mixture of minced meat (usually pork and beef, but veal is also used) and rice, with pieces of traditional bacon, chopped onions and herbs (dill, parsley, thyme).

3. Mythians or kittens: grilled, cylindrical-shaped minced meat rolls made from a mixture of beef, lamb and pork with spices, such as garlic, black pepper, thyme, coriander, aniseed, salted, and sometimes a touch of paprika. Sodium bicarbonate of soda and broth or water are also added to the mixture.

4. Cozonac: is a special leavening sweet bread, traditional for Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Rich in eggs, milk and butter.

5. Salam de biscuiti: a combination of cocoa powder, butter, sugar, rum extract and crumbled biscuits.

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Bucarest tra incanto e pregiudizio
Bucarest tra incanto e pregiudizio
I came at the end of this article where I tell you about my trip to Romania: Bucarest between enchantment and prejudice. To learn more about it visit the webpage www.romaniatourism.com

I hope you found the right information to organize a perfect visit. If there are any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact me I will be happy to help you!

See you soon from your curious traveller

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