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Do you know that Niagara Falls can be reached from both Canadian and the American side? Today I’m going to tell you about Niagara Falls: Canadian side and how to organize a day trip from the city of Toronto to admire the beauty of this spectacle of nature.

Niagara Falls on the Canadian side: day trip adventure with organized tour

If you are staying in the city of Toronto or the surrounding area I absolutely recommend a day trip to Niagara Falls. The best choice is to book an organized tour that includes the transfer from Toronto to the falls and the boat trip.

The cost of such a tour is approximately 100/120 Canadian Dollars (1 CAD = 0.65 EUR). Of course there are several and on this site you can take a look at the most popular ones. Book a Tour.

In case you decide not to book a tour you have the possibility to get there either by car or by bus (it’s about 130 km). Check here prices and timetables.

Once you reach the town of Niagara Falls, yes, that’s the name of the town, you have the opportunity to do different activities in addition to visiting the waterfalls because the town is very nice and surrounded by parks, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and for this reason I also recommend a visit of several days. You will find a list of activities at the bottom of the article.

cascate del niagara: canada side

what if I only need to book the boat trip?

If you decide to book only the boat trip, you can do it easily. The price is approximately 30.50 Canadian Dollars for adults, 20.50 Canadian Dollars for children between 5 and 12 years old and free for younger children. The ticket is valid on the day of purchase and usually non-refundable. Check the website for more information.

You will be provided with a fantastic red raincoat to wear as the boat will get very close to the falls and you will take more than just a few sketches. You will see your travel companions departing with boats from the United States wearing the same blue raincoat.

In my opinion the landscape on the Niagara Falls Canadian side is better than the US side. The thing that I remember with more pleasure, are the screams of amazement of the people when they realize that practically all of a sudden they came back half a meter from a mighty waterfall, including me.

If you’re lucky and the day allows it, water splashes in contact with the sun’s rays create fantastic rainbows, don’t miss them! I was there at the end of July and I must say that the weather has given me a lot of joy, so I recommend the summer months for a visit of this kind.
Falls related attractions

Maid of the Mist – Tourist Boats

Journey behind the Falls – View of the falls at their base from underground tunnels

Skylon Tower – Elevated observation point

Fireworks at night

Falls night lighting

Helicopter ride over the waterfall area

Spanish Aerocar rail ride over the waterfall basin

Of the attractions to visit we have:

. Botanical Garden

Floral clock

Marineland – Theme water park

Casino Niagara – Gaming house

Niagara Fallsview – Casino Resort Hotels

Hard Rock Cafe – Restaurant and bar

Planet Hollywood

I arrived at the end of this article where I explain how to reach and book a boat trip to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

I hope you have found the right information to organize a perfect visit.

See you soon from your curious traveler Chiara.

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